2019- Health, Wealth and blogging

When I started this blog in 2015 I had no idea where I would take it. My ability to blog has been challenged by my health, completing my masters, caring for Nan and honestly, a lot of the time good old writers block. 

2018 has been a rollercoaster. Looking at it from a positive point of view lots happened. I graduated with a merit in a masters in construction project management from UWE in November, I rejoined the gym in September and I have worked really hard on battling my anxieties. On the reverse, I have encountered more health issues and I will be going into 2019 trying to work these out and battle through but you know me, i never give up!

2019 is going to be a good year, I say it every year but it really is going to be. (I say that also)

Here are my plans for 2019: health, wealth and the blog!


Fibromyalgia is rubbish and you would think that 3 years post diagnosis I would be able to manage it better. I have gained a lot of weight (5 stone!) since my diagnosis and I think that this has increased the amount of symptoms that I am getting.  On top of this I am also having investigations for PCOS due to symptoms I am getting, sigh.

I have been started on an additional medication for my mental health and currently adjusting to it. Its taking time but I am getting there. 

In 2019 I really want to put my all into the gym and getting healthy. I dont care how I look in the mirror, or what the scales say its about how I feel. I am looking forward to setting myself fitness goals and working towards them. I am really hoping to lose the desire to weigh myself all the time worried I am getting extremely overweight. 

In terms of my mental health I would like to get to the point by the end of the year that I have a reduction in the dose of my medication. I am not expecting to be off it, i think thats an unrealistic long term goal, at least for 2019. 

I am going to continue my gambling addiction recovery. Having come so far this year and I am extremely proud of myself I just want to keep going. Without a doubt I am going to keep openly talking about my recovery because I truly believe this is helping so much. 


Having finished my masters it is now time for me to start looking for a job in the field (construction). I am not entirely sure of the role but given my two qualifications would prefer a project management role over building surveying.

Truth be told, building surveying is the last thing i’d want to do at the moment. I think thats sort of related to some of my mental health issues so it is still something to process. I can only try my best. 

I have always been a fan of side hustles. Survey sites have paid of many of christmas when I was at university. There are things I want to buy for my bedroom this coming year, a new wardrobe and drawers to start with!Also, I want to treat myself to a new camera.

My plan is to side hustle the money for these from my favourite surveys sites and earning methods. Cashing out both amazon vouchers and paypal ££££ depending on the site. 

I would like to pay off any debts in the next coming year and start saving towards my goal of moving out of the family home when i am 30. (Not as soon as I turn 30!). So realistically I am hoping to be in a much better financial position by mid-end of 2021 before I turn 31!.


Well, its obvious that my blog hasn’t been the most active in the last year. My dissertation took a lot of my summer and by the time I had finished the last thing in the world I wanted to do was write. 

At the moment I have planned to bring back the blog in 2019 with twice a week blogging on a Tuesday and Friday. At the time of writing this I have planned my posts up to the middle of February (They aren’t written, but planned!) and am going to spend January trying to get ahead of the posts. To be honest I know things come up and would really like to make 2019 the year Istay on top of the blog.

The topics I plan to write about include the following;
– Fibromyalgia
– Working out with a chronic illness
– Being a carer
– Nan and dementia, how I cope
– The hunt for a new job
– My favourite side hustles

This is to name but just a few.
I am really looking forward to this next coming year blogging and really hope you all continue on this journey with me.

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