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5 Fibromyalgia symptoms people find hard to grasp

With Fibromyalgia there are many symptoms that pretty much means anything can be considered a symptom… some cases by health care professionals. Usually when you are  trying to advocate for yourself, trying to prove that it is something other than fibromyalgia. Below is a list of 5 symptoms that for non-fibro sufferers would be hard to grasp, but really are real.

Extreme sensitivity

Imagine a pat on the back from a friend or someone knocking into you at the supermarket causing you A LOT of pain. It is a real symptom of fibro, being sensitive to the slightest of touch. Aside from the fact that it is painful, it can also appear you are over-reacting because of the slightest touch. It does cause really horrible pain.

Personally there have been times where people have put their arms round me, tapped me on the arm, bumped into me in a shop and I have wanted to turn around and shout at them to mind what they are doing. I haven’t out of the anxiety of looking like I was kinda being a wuss. Speaking from personal experience I don’t always have this to the extreme. There are just sometimes that it is more apparent than other times.

Temperature irregularity 

Fibromyalgia causes issues with body temperature and people who suffer from the condition can find themselves feeling hot and cold often, often in the same day, within the same hour. You could feel hot one minute on the coldest of days but then need a coat and three jumpers the next.

I find the best way to discuss fibro symptoms and their affect is to go from my personal experience. I have had hot flushes and been told I am too young to have hot flushes. Yes, speaking of the stereotypical reason for hot flushes, yes I am currently I guess. However, I have a condition that impacts my ability to control how my body feels and getting people to understand this is difficult.

Memory issues (Cognitive issues)

Memory issues play a big part of Fibromyalgia. Having this condition can make you very forgetful, short term memory is more of an issues than long term. Forgetting things so quickly can increase anxiety suffered by people . This is because they become concerned that they appear stupid because they don’t remember to do things. This could be even though they may have just been told so.

To combat the issues I have surrounding memory I actually  try to make a joke about it. Especially at work if I am with a customer and forget something I have to say  “my short term memory sucks”. They look at me like you are 27… ok then. But my short term memory does suck, usually I put it down to a long week/long day. In reality it could be 8am on a Monday morning and my short term memory is rubbish. Sorry what?

Digestive issues (IBS, etc,)

Fibromyalgia can cause many issues when it comes to digestion. In some respects it looks like you have food intolerance, IBS, or allergies.

Myself personally, I go through flares. I should really cut white bread out of my diet completely but who can resist a couple of pieces of marmite on toast in the morning. Mmmm, however if I don’t eat white bread and cut out the other foods in my diet I feel intolerant too I see a vast improvement in my symptoms. I do think that it is all about finding a bit of a balance in life.

Restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is when the nervous system causes you to have the urge to continually move your legs. It causes an uncomfortable feeling in the legs and you can literally not sit still. The feeling in the legs is similar to feeling like something is crawling over them. During a restless leg syndrome flare it really does feel like you have no control over your legs.

The way I find relieve for my restless legs, especially when  in bed is to have a pillow between my leg. I don’t know why it helps, it just does. Stretching, specifically using my foam roller that was suggested by my GP back in January has had a massive improvement on the amount of restless leg flares I experience.


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