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Ten years between diagnosis – Differences

My mum and I have both got a Fibromyalgia diagnosis, which you can imagine makes life a barrel of laughs at home. We got diagnosed 10 years apart and (we are pretty sure…) it was by the same rheumatologist. Aside from that their were some differences, specifically the length of time it took to get a diagnosis from the hospital.

2005 – Mum

Mum suffered with her symptoms for a long time and kept going back and forth to the hospital. This was not only discussing her arthritis symptoms but also discussing these new symptoms she was suffering with. She felt like she was getting no-where. She was getting really frustrated thinking that no-one was listening to her.

It was only after about a year of going back and for that he turned around and said to mum
“You think I haven’t been listening but I am going to diagnosis you with Fibromyalgia”


Now before I discuss my hospital diagnosis, I need to point out that for YEARS prior to my diagnosis I was going back and forth to the doctors. I was not getting listened too but the point of this is the length of time it took to get diagnosed AT THE HOSPITAL 🙂 

2015- Me

My trip to the hospital was to just look at the issues with my wrists but I ended up walking out with a Fibromyalgia and Joint hypermobility syndrome diagnosis – In about 10 minutes of being in with the doctor. The year started with lots of doctors appointments about my wrist pain so he referred me to the hospital. Prior to the hospital I had x-rays and blood tests to rule out a number of things and I think this was helpful in such a swift diagnosis at the hospital because the doctor had all the facts.

My thoughts

Now aside from that, the differences in times it took us at the hospital to have a diagnosis to me shows that in 10 years there has been considerable progression in the education of Fibromyalgia. People are understanding it more. Unfortunately not completely as we still receive lots of ignorance but I do feel that in terms of medical professionals there has been a significant improvement in Fibro awareness.

Most Doctors I have seen in the past 2 years all (except maybe one I can think of) all have an understanding of the impact Fibro has on ones life and never ever make me feel bad about the way I am suffering, like I shouldn’t be because its all make belief or in my head.

We have come a long way in Fibro awareness since my mum got diagnosed. Now is the time to tackle the ignorance that is received on a regular basis. This is from the people who do not have fibro and who couldn’t possibly imagine what this is like….

But still like to give us there NEGATIVE opinions!

Don’t get me wrong having pain all the time sucks, but I don’t need to let it control me. I still do plenty of things I probably shouldn’t do. Its not the best pacing techniques but im determined to keep going!




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