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My 2018 plans and beyond….WHAT IS NEXT?

A new year and 2018 is here. It is safe to say in terms of blogging in 2017 I sucked, I dont think I anticipated just how much University would use up all my time, I think a lot of it was the commute every day and the long days meant I was out of the house a lot for 12 hours, having time to eat and go back to bed to get up and do it all again.

I do not regret going back to Uni in the slightest tho, my masters has been the best educational year to date. I have really enjoyed the topics we were assessed on, learnt some really interesting stuff and most importantly gained a lot of confidence in my abilities.

As I am writing this the only thing I have left to do for my masters is to write my dissertation, aside from that the work is done and the scary thing is I have no idea where this year has gone – BLINK…GONE!. My dissertation is going to look at the impact of having an invisible disability has when wanting to work within the construction industry so it is combining both of my biggest passions, but its a really daunting prospect writing a dissertation that is going to involve a lot of research. Daunting, but exciting.

In terms of other goals in life, getting fitter is top of my priority. Not only did Uni hamper my ability to blog but I also exercised a lot less last year than I had done previously and I am feeling it now. Stairs are harder, walking is painful and I can do a lot less than I used to be able to so all I’d like to do is build up my strength. If this in turn helps me lose weight then brilliant because I really could do with it I have put on a lot of weight and I have lost a lot of confidence but building strength is my most important goal.

In terms of career I would like to take the stuff I have learnt on my masters and forge a career in the construction industry. The issue I am having is having confidence in coping, I don’t know where my symptoms are going to be from day to day and going out into the big wide world and getting a full time job is a very scary idea.

Blogging, I am going to discuss more about Fibromyalgia going into a bit more depth on the symptoms I suffer with. Most of the time no-body sees the pain I am in and that is how I would like to keep it.However I don’t want to look like I am in pain just to have my pain believed – It is THERE. So the blogging I am going to do over the next year is going to look at the fact that in a lot of instances our pain is invisible – Fibromyalgia pain is invisible but it is visible to me, I feel it. I feel it sometimes more than other times, and I can do more some days but no matter what I achieve in a day I still have fibromyalgia is never goes way.

And, all of this aside I just want to have a really happy 2018 and make as many memories as possible.


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