Even I can PARTY ON THE DANCEFLOOR occasionally

If you know me well, you know that STEPS have been my favourite band since I was 7, I saw them 5 times first time round and have fabulous memories of childhood…. including one time security let me and my brother walk down to the front and H & Claire waved at us both!

When they reformed in 2011, it was the perfect 21st birthday present. 2012 was the best, I saw them in Birmingham, was front row at Westonbirt and met them at their album signing just over 5 years ago! So imagine my excitement on January 1st this year waking up to see videos and pictures of them at G.A.Y as a comeback to celebrate their 20th year. I was going to get to see my idols AGAIN!!

Tickets for their Party on the dancefloor tour were released in March and I was so SURE I was going, here is a funny fact… I booked the hotel the day before the tickets (which when I tell you the end of the story… it makes its even more perfect) and I went and saw them on the 27th November 2017 (so monday just gone). Mum and I travelled down to Bournemouth in the morning, we had a good look around and made our way to the hotel about 3pm.

The view from the hotel was gorgeous, and actually even better in the morning as you can see. Honestly, we were lucky… usually we totally luck out with hotels and end up with the view of a car park or a brick wall.. so I felt happy.

Mum and I left for the concert, which was just a short walk down a STEEP hill… (the hills done both our legs in!) around 5pm, and went and had a coffee in the cafe. Merchandise wasn’t allowed to be sold until 6:30pm so about 5:45pm I started queuing at the merch stand…at the front… DETERMINED to be at the front. I spent a small fortune but thats another story. Worth every penny… I put a picture on Instagram for those interested :).

The support acts were probably the best supports I’ve seen. The first act was a lovely chap called Max Restaino who was full of energy, his songs were very catchy and my mum wants his album for Christmas! Considering I was struggling for an Xmas present… YAY – problem solved. Next were the VENGABOYS… YES YES I SAID IT… THE VENGABOYS!. They were insanely good, I didn’t realise I knew the words to all of their songs, they were full of energy and they really got the party started.



It was time for STEPS to come on stage and I do not have a single bad thing I could say about the show. The intro was quite frankly breathtaking, you felt like you were watching a really dramatic and tense dance, so perfect. I mean I am completely biased but I loved it. Then they came onto stage and the PARTY really got started.

The songs they sung were a perfect mix of the new and the old. There were times I really wanted to dance and party and then their were times I was perfectly reminded of the concerts I saw as a kid. When they sang after the love has gone all I could remember was the very first concert I went to on my 9th birthday I went up by coach and read TOTP magazine that had a lyric card of that song on the way. The show on monday night bought back so many good memories and with some of the stuff thats happened over the years to be reminded of happy times whilst creating more happy memories was amazing. The throwbacks to the history of steps just made this a perfect celebration. I spent the whole time singing my little heart out, so much I can’t share ANY of my videos with ANYONE EVER! No-one needs to hear me as a sixth member of steps.

I think my favourite song was Story of a heart, but there is none I dont like, I mean there are some I don’t really love but overall I pretty much can listen to any steps song. Unfortunately and as this is a fibro blog don’t think its totally going to be unmentioned. Towards the end I was getting exhausted, personally I have NO IDEA how they manage to perform these shows night after night and still look so wonderful. I still ache and I just danced in my seat most of the time!

I didn’t sleep very well in the hotel, all I could think about was the show and how happy I was, for weeks I’d be stressed and all my worries had gone (albeit temporarily!). Steps have that impact… what I didnt realise was it wasnt over!

Going for breakfast I was sat with mum, just tucking in and then I looked up and was like

“Mum, H is behind you”

OH MY GOD… I STAYED IN THE SAME HOTEL AS STEPS….the shakes started I was literally like a 9 year old excited child. It turns out Lee was also in having breakfast but I didnt even notice. I really wanted to just thank H for a wonderful concert. Plenty of people have said to me why didn’t you ask for photos etc but all i wanted to do was thank them so much. So I thanked him for a wonderful concert and I probably did come across like a child but I couldnt believe it – I wasnt sure if I was going to be able to stop myself crying (I did stop myself phew!)

Then it gets better…  Claire walked in.
And if anyone asks me what I did this week…
“Oh I just stood casually having a convo with Claire from Steps whilst making a cappuccino how about you?!”

I got to Thank Claire as well, and told her that I am going to Butlins in february too and how excited I was, and we discussed how it should be good. I think the words were
“Lots of  acts and us”
“What more could one want” (Personally I’d take just STEPS! but Butlins should be AMAZING!)

And away I walked! I got to thank STEPS for a wonderful concert. It was the perfect ending to a perfect 24 hours.

Thank you so much Claire, H, Faye, Lee & Lisa.

And Thank you Mum for putting up with me acting like a child

(As well as facebook for putting up with my many updates)

This 27 year old was (and still is) a very happy bunny!


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