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I’ve been driving a year!

Today marks 1 year since I finally passed my driving test! It was my third time in trying although the 3 times are spread over the course of 6 years (I know, I know!). The third time i took it though was the first time i felt ready, and felt like I was doing it for myself and didn’t feel pushed into it. I was making all the decisions. I had three different driving instructors, didn’t get on with the first, liked the second but he moved away and the third was cool. Between 2008- 2016 I had 4 different attempts at learning to drive.

I didn’t realise how right people were about the comment “although you learn to drive, you dont properly learn to drive until after you’ve passed” and that is so bang on. I have had plenty of experiences this year where I have had to make split second decisions I’d never have had the confidence to make before passing.

Now, this time last year I didn’t just jump into the car and drive half way up the country. I am not one of those people… I have had to build up confidence at certain areas over the course of the year and now I am fairly confident around all parts of town. Although I still hate one roundabout and do actually tend to drive the long way home from Nans each day to avoid it…however I like driving so I kind of don’t mind because I get to drive for 10 minutes instead of 5!

I can’t believe I like driving, like I just get in the car like its the most natural thing in the world now. 2 years ago my anxiety around it all was so bad I couldn’t even go onto the theory test WEBSITE to book it without it setting things off. April 2016 was when I started up the lessons again and it was the first time I started to get excited prior to lessons rather than worrying days before.

On the day of the test I got my mum to drive me round the corner from my home so that my brother and dad didn’t realise that I was taking the test on that day and I sat on the side of the pavement for 45 MINUTES waiting for my instructor to pick me up. When it came to the actual test I was so lucky with the route that I was taken on. It was all round the estate I live on and ironically after deciding I wanted to hide the fact I was taking my test during the test I was actually stopped RIGHT OUTSIDE MY HOUSE!

The first time I went out in the car on my own was one of the weirdest experiences, I kept looking to the seat to the left of me looking for advice. I still pinch myself now that I can just jump in my car and go where ever I want.

With the extra responsibility I have had the last year with Nan, I actually passed my test in the month she was in hospital getting her dementia diagnosis I truly believe that it was meant to be.

There is just one thing I can’t believe….
How has it been a year already?
Time has FLOWN!

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