Why I take so many photos with Nan.

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If you check out my Instagram feed (link on the right hand side) you will realise a lot of my photos feature my nan. Nan is a huge part of my life as I see her 6 days a week every week, sometimes 7 days and I love to documented it all in photos but aside from the fact that I like to document what life looking after Nan is like for myself to look back on but also to share as dementia is such a complex condition and I don’t believe that any two people with dementia suffer in the same way.

However there is another reason I take loads of photos with Nan, and it is related to my other Nan who is sadly no longer with us. In the years leading up to my Nans death I didn’t see much of her, only occasionally and it actually had to be in secret for a while but thats another story! However part of the reason i take so many photos with my nan and share them on Instagram is that when my other nan passed away I had no up-to-date photos with her and I in them and this made me really sad. I had nothing to really look at when Nan passed and I don’t want this when the time comes with nan. I also know that with dementia Nan will change over time but she likes it when I show her the videos and pictures. With the videos she actually chats along back to herself which I think is the cutest thing, if I had a 2nd camera I would totally be filming Nan’s reactions to her own videos because its adorable!

I wish my other Nan was still with us so I could be doing the same with her but if I’ve learnt anything from not getting much time to spend with her for one reason or another its that with my Nan I plan on spending as much time as possible with her and making as many memories as possible. Its no chore, I’m not going to say that I don’t get tired – I do regularly. However, I have the most laughs with Nan and watching back the videos myself I get reminded of funny times and it always keeps me going!

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