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Health and Fitness goals June 2017

Firstly, where is the year going? Todays date is 1st June! JUNE! like only yesterday (OK January 11th) I was sat thinking about my first day at University coming and now I have completed the first semester of my masters and I am starting my dissertation!

I now have the summer free from lectures (and coursework aside from dissertation work) so i want to put my focus onto getting fitter. I have put weight on, far too much weight and I need to shift it. It is not good for my pain, or self esteem or confidence. In-fact I have noticed that since i’ve put on some weight i have had a dip in my confidence, I don’t feel as good as i did maybe 10 months ago. The difference between now and 10 months? I’ve got my driving licence…. so i think that maybe driving 99% of places and not walking has had an impact on my weight and I haven’t been as active. Going back to University also meant that lots of my time was used up and I stopped going to the gym, combining with work, coursework and looking after my nan…. eating healthy and working out, looking after my health just took a right dip in my priorities and now i look in the mirror and see the negatives… 🙁

I have two goals for June in terms of getting healthier
1. Achieve 10,000 steps a day. I purchased myself a new fitbit blaze a couple of weeks ago as a motivation and have been assessing how many steps I do, and sometimes I manage 10,000-11,000 on work days but on days where I don’t have work it can be just 4000-5000 which isn’t enough to get fit!! So I am going to make a conscious effort over the next month to achieve 10,000 steps a day… even if i means i need to go and walk round and round the street until I achieve it…I will achieve it!

2. Reduce my sugar intake. I make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of crisps I eat… or other savory snacks but sugar i dont pay any intention because in my head I always thought sugar really wasn’t my issue but I am beginning to think that it actually is. I am just going to start by cutting it out in places, or swapping stuff for the sugar free alternatives…its just small changes. I am not expecting to drop 6 stone over night i just want to drop a few lbs to start with, make the clothes more comfortable, start building confidence again.

I really just hope to make a little bit of progress in the right direction, feel stronger and feel a bit more confident 🙂

Happy June to you all!

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