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Can I have my brain back please?

The pain of Fibro really does suck, like right now the sun is shining but all i want to do is lie down in bed because my back and knees are killing me. YUCK! PAIN!.

However, one of the worse things about this condition is the brain fog, so please give me back my brain. Brain fog is like not being able to concentrate, think of a thousands things are once and attempt to walk whilst your head is being pushed towards the ground and spun around.

I literally have no idea how to overcome fibro fog. When i asked my friends to ask me questions about fibro one of the questions was “what do you wish wasn’t a symptom?” and quite simply i want my brain back so i can be the productive person i want to be.

Fibro fog is one thing that makes me less confident because it can make me sound like I am stupid if i forget something that was ONLY just said to me. I do try to laugh it off sometimes and say what a rubbish short term memory i have but the truth is it really annoys me how i cant remember something. I also have to check everything twice I just never feel like the important stuff (have i got keys, purse etccc) is there unless i check it more than once! I have to get to the point where I can physically picture myself checking these things otherwise i panic.

I honestly feel like fibro makes me come across really stupid, forgetful and lazy when i try not to be any of those things but when the fibro fog is at its worse its when i feel really self conscious about going out there and following my dreams. Pain can be controlled by painkillers, but i am yet to find a way to get fibro fog under control and i really wish i could because I worry that i’ll never have the life i want if i am worrying about forgetting something all of the time (or actually doing the forgetting too!)

Next time you see me forget something important remember that it is something I can’t help and if any of you fibro sufferers out there have any great ways to combat fibro fog please send them my way either by email ( or twitter (onceuponafibro)  🙂

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