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To the teachers who helped shape me – Good and Bad

10 years ago I was taking my GCSE’s at school, and I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about how much has happened since then. In that time I have only had 2 years out of education and i think its since i went back to uni that I have been thinking about this more. I lack so much confidence in my academic ability and I really have been trying to think of how school was and all I can think of when thinking of school is the teachers who shaped me, the good, the bad and the comments that made me stronger. Don’t get me wrong I was lucky that on the most part I had pretty awesome teachers, lets start with them:

The year 11 maths teacher
I thought my year 11 maths teacher was really cool, and we got on very well. She once told me that I reminded her of herself and that stuck with me, thats a massive compliment, i just wish i was maybe as good at a-level maths as she was a teacher the following year in sixth form. I never had a single issue with her, and even one time when i was in sixth form I remember having a row outside the staff room and telling her I thought she was talking a load of shit and stormed off. I apologised and that was that but a lot of teachers did ask me how I had the confidence to talk to her like that. (no names)

The teacher who shared a love of David Tennant
You can’t even begin to imagine how I felt when I first saw the massive poster of David Tennant on the inside of this teachers cupboard, it was one of the best looking pictures. Having a teacher who shared the love of David Tennant was the coolest and I remember a couple of days after Easter Break in 2007 i decided to write to David Tennant and tell him how cool it was to have a teacher who loved him as much as I did! I asked for a signed photo for her (Clearly wanting brownie points in my coursework). I didn’t expect to hear anything back really, however just 3 weeks later she told me that at the end of the school term she would be leaving and that day when I got home from school on the side was a letter from David Tennant, with a signed photo for my teacher. The perfect leaving present, arriving when it did – The next day I gave it to her and well lets just say other teachers asked me what they had to do to get a signed photo of their favourite celebrity and I would say that celebrity had to be David Tennant or i wasn’t interested!

The sixth form tutor with a great taste in music
My sixth form tutor was the coolest, he had an insane taste in music. More than that though he never failed to have belief in me, even when i had minus 100% in myself. He always knew i would get to university to do building surveying and would remind that it didn’t matter how long it took (when i had to take a 3rd year in sixth form) i would get there in the end. (And he was right)

Those 3 are the 3 that stick in my head, however there are so many more! Bad wise though, there are two!

The teacher who suggested I give up an AS level as it would be best for me

If i had listened to you I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this with a Bsc degree in Building surveying under my belt and working on my Msc in Construction project management. When I see what you are doing now, I pitty the kids you are probably putting through the same hell and wrecking dreams along the way. I am so happy I didn’t listen to a word you said, teachers are meant to guide, all you wanted to do was have an easy life. I love a challenge though, so thank you for letting me prove I am worthy.

The teacher who told me I would never go to University and study building surveying (I should have set my sights lower)

When i think just how hard it was in the final year of my degree I laugh at your comment. You really underestimated my desire to go and get that degree. NOTHING was going to stop me, not even a minor put down by you. What on earth gave you the right to tell me I wouldn’t achieve something I had wanted from before I started at that school. I look at my graduation photos with immense pride, not only for having a degree but for having the degree a TEACHER told me I wouldn’t get! The day I get my masters I want to come and see you, you probably won’t remember what you said but I want you to know what you did for me.

I honestly can’t believe GCSES were 10 years ago, especially since I am actually only 18 now….:/

If a teacher ever puts you down or tells you a dream isnt worth your time don’t listen. You can do anything you put your mind too.

On the flipside, if you ever have a teacher that inspires you (or shares a love of your favourite celebrity) remember them, because I really think you take there lessons with you everywhere and those teachers are hard to find.

Back to the Msc Coursework, Until next time 🙂
Stay smiling spoonies. xx

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