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Zumba – Kicking fibro and anxieties butt.

Tonight I went to my first ever ( and tbh before i went i really thought last ever!) zumba class with friends from work and it was quite frankly amazing. I mean right now i am knackered, and 99% sure I wont be moving out of bed until about mid-day tomorrow but I am so glad I went!

Getting a Fibro diagnosis, i felt like the opportunity to do these things went out of the window, and with anxiety i just wouldn’t have gone and done it just incase i couldnt do it and looked like a fool. I don’t think I could have managed to go alone so when my friends suggested it I jumped at the chance and it was the funniest (almost) enjoyable 45 minutes but boy am i unfit. Before you say “but you have fibro”.. that not why I am unfit.. I am unfit because I am 5 stone overweight and don’t do nearly enough exercise and eat way too much chocolate and crisps.

There was no pressure in the class to do anything that you couldnt do and there was a couple of moves I literally didn’t even try because i know my limitations. I can’t wait to go back next week and do it all again! 2017 is my year to go get Fit and more importantly make plenty of memories with my friends 🙂

My motto for 2017 is to not let fibro or anxiety stop me doing anything I want and 9 days in I am rocking this year! Bring it on 🙂


  • Karen Rubins-Lawrie

    I have fibro, anxiety and ME and have friends who run zumba classes. I’d love to try it but it looks so exhausting. I’m tempted to go and just do a couple of songs and have a break inbetween each. 2107 is also my year to get moving despite living with such debilitating conditions. Good luck with your fitness goals, and make sure you take it easy too xx

    • onceuponafibrotime

      i took it easy and only did the movements to the extent i could manage. i am really pleased i went. i was worried people would judge me for having fibro and going to zumba but i need to just keep living life and not worry what other people think 🙂 xx

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