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A Spoonie buddy is very important

The Spoonie community is by far the most understanding amazing community I have ever come across. I have many spoonies friends, people with fibro, people with other conditions just people who understand how chronic illness just sucks.

However I have one spoonie friend who I can literally just message
“Pain sucks”
“Noise arghhh”
“I wish people would stop eating so loudly”
“Sleep… please let me sleep”
“Why do people think my CHRONIC illness will disappear if i take a painkiller”

And they just understand it!
Equally I can also message them and say
“I managed 5km at the gym today”
“I haven’t taken many painkillers today and I am coping”
“I have worked 10 days in a row and I am still surviving”

And they WOULDN’T turn round and tell me I couldn’t possibly have fibro because I was managed to exercise or work or not take many painkillers!

I really think that one of the reasons I have learnt to cope with fibro over the last few months is because I have had someone to talk to about fibro who sees it from the same view as me. A Spoonie buddy is a very important and I am so happy to have found mine! My Fibro Spoonie buddy is the best! :). It also helps that we have equally good taste in tv, harry potter and taking the mick out of reality tv (Xfactor).

Thank you Spoonie buddy for coming into my life! You cope with your conditions AMAZINGLY and support me so much! 🙂

Heres to kicking Fibros butt in 2017!


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