2017 Goals

It is the end of 2016, just wow.. where exactly has this year gone? I feel like I blinked and missed May through to October! This year has been full of ups and downs, I passed my driving test, applied to go back to uni, my Nan was diagnosed with dementia and i took a big role in looking after her. I have made some amazing friends this year, a lot through having this blog and I have gained so much confidence, I mean at times I might even say too much. ;)!

I am so excited for the next year, in a few weeks I go back to university to start my masters in construction project management and focusing on this is my biggest goal of 2017. The end of my undergraduate degree wasn’t the easiest of times, in fact I would say it was the worst but I don’t want to dwell on that because I came out the other side and without it I probably wouldn’t have my fibro and anxiety diagnosis and maybe onceuponafibrotime would never have been born… so every cloud as they say. Going back to uni feels like my second chance at ending things the way they should have ended, I lost all my confidence at the end of Uni and I just hope that by furthering my education in a topic I have been passionate about for as long as i can remember I can get some of that confidence back. The prospect of writing essays I am not so looking forward to!

I could easily add losing weight onto my goals for the up and coming year and I might but quite frankly its been my goal since about 2012 and I yo-yo so much that I won’t even set the goal. Not because I think I’ll fail, more so because I don’t want to bore you and also as long as I keep trying, the slip ups, the fails, the pizza and crisps won’t bother me too much because for the next year its really not my priority. I am a comfort eater and I think (or maybe hope) that if I focus in 2017 on doing well at uni, smashing blog goals, continuing to overcome my anxiety I actually think I might comfort eat less and in turn that might have a positive impact on my weight. Failing that I’ll win the lottery and pay for a personal trainer and a personal chef (A girl can dream)

Health wise, I want to get my wrist better this year. I have had a recurring wrist issue for 2 years + now and one way of another over the next year I want to get it better (for good). I go through phases where it feels a lot better,i probably overuse it and then it flares and bam back at square one. I am lucky to have a brilliant doctor who takes my pain seriously.

All in all 2016 hasnt totally sucked (not totally…)

Happy New Year 🙂

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