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10 facts about me not many people know

10 Facts about me not many people know!

  1. Despite being a massive steps fan my favourite song is actually Right in front of you – Celine Dion.
  2. Although I am known as a big doctor who fan when it returned in 2005 I actually walked up the stairs whilst the rest of the family watched saying “I’m not watching this load of rubbish” – Oh how things changed QUICKLY!
  3. When I was 15 probably until I was 19 I made doctor who fan videos and put them on youtube under the name drwhonerd. I used it as a coping mechanism when I was stressed, it was my way of getting my feelings out there! I am TEMPTED to make videos again for this reason… but probably not put them anywhere!
  4. I made my first internet friend when I was 13 through a mutual love of bad harry in love actually (Alan Rickman, still can’t believe hes gone! 🙁 ). Despite never having met we are still in contact now and she played an important part in life a few years ago and was a massive support 🙂
  5. I have no wisdom teeth. No I am not being daft, I literally have none. Once upon a time I had xrays at the dentist and she was like your wisdom teeth dont exist. #Winning
  6. I had a lump removed from my left eye when I was about 2/3. If it had been left there by the time I started school it would have been the size of an egg.
  7. I wanted to be a architect/ work in the construction industry since i was about 11. When I was 14 I got in contact with a local architects/surveyors and they let me do two weeks work experience shadowing them to learn more about it during my summer holidays. It was then that I decided that a building surveying degree was the route I wanted to take. I stayed in contact with one of the surveyors and went back regularly, checked in with them during my degree and even asked for him to be my reference for my masters application. I am very lucky to have had his support in a world where I have been told i’d never make it to university its meant the world!
  8. I have never missed missed an episode of the apprentice and actually have a personalised signed  photo of lord sugar on the wall by my desk.
  9. I am dyslexic but wasn’t diagnosed until I was 19 so very nearly 7 years ago!
  10. My favourite film is hard to choose, it is either Die Hard or Love Actually. (Can’t choose, common connection – Alan Rickman!). Die hard is just awesome and Love Actually I have easily watched 300+ times. I went through a period of time when I was about 13/14 where I watched it 3-4 times a day (Most days!).


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