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Nan updates…

As people know I go and see my Nan regularly. She is the senior spoonie in our family, along with me and mum we make a right trio. It has been really hard to get to a point where I understand that Nan has her issues too, shes not going to be with us forever so I want to do my best to help her in the now.20160427_151035

These photos were taken a couple of months ago and if I am entirely honest I started this blog post at the beginning of June and it has been sat in my drafts since then. But now feels like the right time to come back to it and because of all the things that have happened in the past few months I don’t feel like I want to delete the bit I started first. It reminds me of times before August!!

At the beginning of August my Nan took too many tablets and ended up in 20160427_151023hospital. It wasn’t an intentional overdose, she didn’t want to do herself any harm – she got confused. In the hospital she had brain scans and numerous assessments that determined she had dementia. This didn’t come to any surprise to me and mum because we had suspected this over the course of the last few months and we had tried to get the doctors to look at her but because she looked and was physically fit it was really hard to get them to listen.

The next bit sort of makes me angry, so i will try my best to talk about it. Nan spent a month in hospital and in the month she was determined to require carers and to have her medicines locked away so she couldn’t repeat the overdose. Ok, cool! They managed to get her out of hospital with a temporary live in carer whilst they arranged for the 4x a day carers to be available. I don’t really understand that process, but I do know that the availability of carers is far less than the demand for them.

Last week I had a meeting with some people and because nan is capable of washing and dressing herself and doing food they determine she doesnt need personal care. I do understand that and to some degree she is more and more capable. They said she would be able to have a medicine box that would only let her take the tablets that were due without access to any others. I was happy with this because i thought it meant nan couldnt repeat the process, and because yes she does look after herself enough I thought we would be ok.

At this moment in time nothing is in place for nan, we are in charge of her medication because infact that medicine box isn’t available and its just down to the family. We have just been leaving nan a day/day and a half at a time of medication… but today the paramedics have ended out again because she has once again taken alot of medication. She has been taking them all wrong all week and I just dont know where we are going to go from here, but I know that her G.P surgery is 14203375_10157470218045613_8411616435427593811_narranging for a care co-ordinator (a different one!!!) to go and visit nan and reassess. I don’t think she needs lots of care, but i DO think she needs help with her medication and I think that there needs to be more available for elderly people who are capable of looking after themselves physically, but not so much mentally. I am going to do my best over the course of the next few months to get nan all the help she needs!

All the stuff happening with nan over the last 6/7 weeks has been why I have been fairly quiet on the blog tbh, but I am back now! The photo on the right is post hospital nan! I was teaching her selfies again!!

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