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My blog turns 1!


Onceuponafibrotime was born out of ignorance and frustration. People having a real lack of understanding of fibro when I have had to learn about fibro since before i knew how to spell the word. I naively expected the same of everyone else.

The name. Well, I was sat there on the Monday evening drafting ideas, I just kept thinking how life with Fibro is anything but life like a fairy tale. I just kept saying to myself once upon a fibro time life is anything but good and so i had this desire to document it, letting out the feelings I had kept bottled up feelings that I had fibro bury.

Fibro is very much an invisible illness in the sense you can’t see it. But if you talk to people with fibro it is blindingly obvious that the symptoms of fibro are visible once you know what to look for. You can see the pain on peoples faces, it is visible but people just choose not to see it. The limp of someone with fibro pain is no less real than the limp of someone with a sprain and should be treated the same. However because there is no cause for the pain (like an injury/fall) the fibro pain is always (in my opinion) somehow judged.

The mental health issues can’t be ignored either. The chronic pain we all experience can be so depressing, isolating and can make you feel so lonely. It takes a lot of effort to stay in contact with people and I don’t mean that in a negative sense. I mean that if I make the effort with you, you mean a lot to me because I don’t use my spoons without careful thought and I don’t often get to use them for fun. Saving spoons for fun usually means letting something else give, washing, tv, chores,all of the things non chronically ill people take for granted as boring but necessary and that use valuable energy when it comes to me and my fibro! Like today, I managed to do my washing and put it away and thats it.. I dont really feel like i can function much more but unfortunately thats the life thats Fibro has given me!

If the last year has taught me anything its that the amount of people with fibro is far more than I thought there was.

Asides from that my blog has given me the strength to talk about my anxiety, recognise it is something I suffer with and I know longer feel like I should be ashamed at the fact I am on medication to help. When I got put on medication (prior to my fibro diagnosis) people were like you  dont want to be on them long term and yes maybe not but if it helps me then why wouldn’t I want to use something that would help me.

So thank you everyone for making this first year of blogging fun, eye opening and inspiring. Heres to the next year and beyond!


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