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One year since my diagnosis…

Today (August 7th 2016) marks 1 years since I got my Fibro and hypermobility diagnosis. 1 year has flown by. It has been full of appointments, twitter chats, starting my blog, learning to drive (again), losing friends who don’t understand chronic illness and gaining friends who do understand how i feel which is the best of it all.

I just want to thank all of the people who have read the blog over the last (almost a year) few months. Your support has really helped me through tough times, the cold winter months, the hot sticky summer days where only people with fibro can really understand how yuck it can be! Especially when the hot weather makes you be able to sleep even less than you usually can.

One year ago I knew what a spoonie was but I had no idea that on the world wide web there was this amazing community full of strong kind people who also happen to be spoonies. I am so proud to be part of the community and the people I have spoken too this year have made adjusting to the diagnosed life a lot easier than it would have been.

Heres to the next year, I look forward to seeing what life brings me. Chronic illness won’t keep me down anymore!

Keep smiling spoonies!



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