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Driving test….It happened and…

This week I took my driving test (for the third time) and guess what…. I PASSED! YAY!

I am sooo chuffed, its unreal how much I still can’t quite believe its true because on and off I have been learning for 8 years, granted more off than on but I have really struggled with confidence and anxiety so to finally have passed it is an amazing feeling. The test itself actually bought me right outside my house to do an emergency stop, of all the places it could have taken me! My dad was even in the house at the time not knowing I was taking my test, had he looked out of the window he would have seen me!

I have managed a few little drives on my own in the car, the biggest one being to the doctors and home again! (The chronic life!!). I love my little car so much already in the times I have been out alone. The first time I pulled off the drive and drove off this whole sense of wow, wow look I am driving alone came rushing over me. It felt like pressure and worries that I wasn’t good enough all escaped it was amazing and is one of the best feelings I have ever felt. I think after so many years of struggling it is going to take me a while to finally think wow I have actually passed my driving test! Its like a big anxiety ticked off my list of things to achieve!

I guess that means, time to move on to the next! Thank you for everyone on twitter who supported me over the last few months and convinced me I COULD do this! I finally have :)). My next goal is to start my masters and improve my blog! I know you will all be with me on that journey too!




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