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August goals (And july apologies)

August Goals

Well sorry guys, last month I was totally rubbish at this! I even have a blog post draft entitled July goals with nothing more than “My goals for this month are…” so you know the thought was there. Looking back over july I think the reason I was pretty rubbish at getting motivated was because I felt quite rough for most of the month. The best thing about last month was that I got myself my first ever car. A ford ka named Aggie and I love her! (Previous owners named her and the name just suits so i kept it!) I haven’t passed my test (yet) but i have been driving her about with Mum getting in as much practice as possible before the test date which I am finding is getting closer and closer!

So the goals for this month are relatively simple:

  • Get back into a good blogging routine. I have a few posts coming up in the next few weeks like a year since my diagnosis, one year since i started blogging etc and I have quite a few ideas for when we head into the autumn/winter and dare i say it christmasy months! 🙂
  • Go to the gym at least once a week just to clear my mind more than anything. With work and family commitments going to the the gym totally went out the window last month so i slowly want to get back into it.
  • Practice driving in my car as much as possible. I really feel like I am getting more and more confident the more i go out in my own car with mum so I want to keep that going
  • Look after myself and not let myself get run down. I have been feeling so tired lately so i think some self care, rest and relaxation is very much needed.

What do you have planned for August?


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