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Thanks Fibro, things I struggle with

Note: This is how fibro has an impact on my life. If you still enjoy these things then I’m kind of envious. However I am not one of those people who will turn round and say you can’t possibly have Fibro, you don’t have the same symptoms as me. The list of symptoms of fibro are so massive that it would be impossible to be impacted by them all the time. Fight fibro and have the best life you can!

Going to the cinema
I saw the trailer for the new Bridget Jones film this morning and I am really looking forward to watching it but then I think in reality what is going to the cinema…It is sitting still for 2+ hours concentrating… two things that I completely suck at thanks to Fibro. Trying to concentrate for the entire film, I know I would zone out half a dozen times and miss part of the story. As for sitting still though, I honestly can’t sit still for 10 minutes let alone 2 hours. I get figidity, I would annoy the person sat next to me and then I would go on to annoy myself!

Night clubbing
I am so far past being able to enjoy going out on an evening that to be honest I have forgotten what going out on an evening is like. Give me a quiet meal with friends any time. The few times I made it out on an evening whilst I was at uni I totally paid for it the days after and no-one could really understand why? I had a fair idea but I mean I was undiagnosed so I couldn’t turn round and say “Sorry I’m just so tired” they would look at me like I’m daft!

Now the idea of going out for an evening drinking feels me with dread.I literally wouldn’t cope but because I look fine on the outside people just think I am being anti-social! Deep down I would love nothing more than to go on a holiday in Ibiza and hit all the night clubs, but in reality that is never going to happen! The noise and the atmosphere would make my anxiety really bad and the noise would make my head feel like it would explode. I am really sensitive to noise, I have headphones in a lot just so that I can cope because at least the noises I choose to play through my headphones are noises that don’t irritate me.

As for drinking, I don’t even like alcohol so I don’t know why I would go out and get drunk to only then feel worse the next day! Give me a warm bed and a nice up of tea anyday, I am not anti-social, I am chronically ill and learning to cope with what my body can manage – there is a difference!

Going out shopping for the day

I love to shop till I drop, just unfortunately I seem to drop a lot quicker now than I used too. I can’t cope with shopping like I used too and this kind of makes me sad, I mean what girl doesn’t like to shop! I do shop online to make up for it!

Days out shopping now require equal amounts of coffee breaks as to hours round the shops. Its not only that, that annoys me, it is the fact that the days following the shopping trip my body will punish me. My body will punish me for having fun – cheers body! I mean I can sort of understand if I was doing something bad – yes punish me but all I want to do is going shopping and be able to get up the next day without feeling that I have been put through my paces at the gym!

Thanks Fibro, you just don’t make life cool. That being said, without you Fibro I wouldn’t have the following things;

  • My blog
  • Spoonie friends
  • Blogger friends
  • A part in the most inspiring community ever (Spoonies!)

So you know Fibro, whilst you have made a few joyful things hard you have given me so much and I am determined to find the best, most enjoyable life along side you!

Do you have anything that you struggle with more since you got diagnosed? Or maybe you found yourself struggling before your diagnosis and you didn’t know why but you do now… I would love to hear all your stories – connecting with spoonies is like my favourite thing :). You can find me on twitter HERE or facebook HERE



  • Lynn Borroff

    I know how you feel. If I go shopping now I have to have a wheelchair. Low level shopping is not fun. My body feels so old after doing something nice, I often wonder why did I get excited about it. I pay for it for several days after. Cannot eat certain foods now. Can only wear loose clothing as anything without elastic waistband makes me feel very sick if my stomach swells. I have 75 pre cent symptoms then 25 percent that are not the same as all suffered but similar to some. As we are all so individual illness give us a set of symptoms to fit us. Love to all my fellow sufferers I do and don’t know how you feel.xx

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