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Why I love the gym…

I get asked both in real life and online how can I have fibromyalgia and still go to the gym. Well firstly I am not going to the gym and doing 100kg bench presses, forcing my body to do things it can’t manage. The workout programme has been put together by someone who understands the conditions I have, along with my limitations (Although I like to believe I don’t have any) and they have given me exercises I can manage and I work at them when my body allows. I rejoined the gym under the advice of the physio at the hospital so it is not something I decided lightly. I loved the gym when I was at uni so I am really glad that I have got back into it.

The best thing for me about going to the gym is not the weight loss, or the clothes feeling looser. It is the sense of achievement I get. This could be by completing a certain exercise quicker, or increasing weights. It all makes me feel so much better the more that I manage. Unlike the scales, where I see very little improvement seeing the numbers change at the gym more often really helps me to feel as though I am on the right path.

I also love how relaxed a gym workout can make me feel. I really feel as though it clears away the fibro fog. Fibro fog makes my brain feel as though it is clouded over, almost like heavy storm clouds and then the workout at the gym blows away the clouds and in a moment there is sunshine. I know that sounds odd but hey it works for me and thats the main thing 🙂


(Pre workout selfie… you see…. going to the gym makes me happy!)



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