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Spoonie day out – Weymouth


Thursday 23rd13524232_10157156163845613_635502148_o June, my friend and I headed off for a day at the seaside. It had been a few months since I had seen her, and it had been planned for a while so I had been really looking forward to it!

Before we set off in the morning I made sure I went off and voted in the referendum. I knew from the start that a day out would exhaust me and I knew that once I got home in the evening I may have felt too tired to go and vote so  I made sure I did it straight away. The drive to Weymouth was about 1 hour 45 in total. Thanks to Mr Sat Nav taking us down many many country roads and then even to a recycling plant (instead of a carpark) we eventually parked up about 11:45am. I think that we were really lucky in terms of the weather. Yes, it was cloudy but it was dry, it was warm and it was breezy… very British weather.
20160623_121103After a walk along the seafront, taking in the sea air and the views we hit the arcades. I had saved my 2ps especially (and I’m not sorry to see the back of them!). I had so much fun at the arcades, it felt like being a child again!


I had so much fun in the arcades, I was determined to win things with my favourite emoji on! I even got videos of myself winning them which I will put up on the blog within the next week or so :). If I hadn’t been recording though I would have missed myself winning them out of the excitement of nearly winning them!

After the arcades we headed back along the beach. I was surprised at the amount of people there for a Thursday. It was busy, but not too busy you know just that nice in between.
20160623_134510After spending a lot of money on sweeties, both for myself and to take home for the family we sat by the beach people watching and just generally relaxing. It was so nice, I hadn’t felt so relaxed in such a long time. We went back along the beach, just wandering alon20160623_143128g the beach near the sea was so relaxing. Lots can be said for a relaxing day out! The best thing about going out for the day with a friend who totally understands you have conditions, and you can’t quite go at the speed most people your age can is there is no pressure. I know that If I just wanted to stop, I could say stop and I wouldn’t be judged. It was so nice to feel like a normal person, enjoying a normal day out without feeling like fibro was getting in my way.

We then found ourselves in some more arcades, I watched some guy getting very stressed over one of the machines but me personally I was on a roll. I could have won myself a few more pens if I had kept going. But our parking was nearly up and I was starting to feel tired so we took a slow wander back to the car. The day was just long enough for me to enjoy every minute but two days later I am still feeling it. It was worth every minute though. I really think, despite the impact it has on my physical health I should make an effort to go on more days out – it does miracles for my mental health.

We hit some of the 5pm traffic on the way home but I was so knackered, I think I may have even had a quick nap! pic for post I could barely keep my eyes open on the way home. This is the part of the spoonie life people don’t see. All they see is the best version of myself that I try and put on as I leave the house every morning. The reality is a few hours at the beach can make it feel as though I have run a marathon.

The main thing is, I had a wonderful day and I can’t wait to do it again. .



  • Marie McGee

    Ahh what a fab day Becka! Love readin yr blogs. U should soo try to do this more often. Im lucky that i dont live too far from the coast and i do get there from time to time with my daughter. We love the arcades too. The footage of your day was a joy to watch. U obviously have a good friend there. Stay happy. Look at yr day out video when life gets a bit much to bear and it will make u smile. I know it did me 😄X

    • onceuponafibrotime

      Rachel (my friend) is the best. She is the one non spoonie i can truly be myself around! It was so much fun :). The arcades were great. Glad you liked it 🙂 🙂

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