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May goals

Wow, another month has flown by. How are we in the 5th month of the year? This year is flying by but with the start of a new month it means a new goals post. I love setting myself mini goals for each and every month I feel accountable to you guys and literally just that little bit more motivated!

First lets go back over last month and see how I have got on.
No crisps – Yes! I achieved it again! 3 months without crisps. Honestly I am the biggest crisp addict and now I am not. The willpower I have surrounding crisps now is amazing. Come on, lets go for month four. (Eek what did I just say then?!)

6-8 Visits to the gym – Mega fail. I think I went 3 times, I can blame my dodgy wrist and knee for this. Lets get back on this in may! Other exercise I have been doing though is trying to do as much walking as possible.

5 blog posts – Yay I did it! I am quite proud of the posts I’ve written this month.

Get writing my book again – I managed a bit of this but not as much as I would have liked

Don’t weigh myself for a month again – Achieved!

My BEST achievement this month is that I started driving lessons again!

May goals – So time to set myself some goals for the next month!

Medication – I probably 5/7 days forget to take the pain killers I am meant to take in the middle of the day. I am good at remember the morning tablets and the evening but anything I take in the middle of the day i either forget or take at completely different times. So this month I am going to attempt to take the middle of the day tablets the same time EVERY DAY!..eeeeek.

4-5 gym visits – I have been really terrible at the gym the last month because of my bad wrist. I am going back to the doctors next week and *hopefully* will eventually get help for it. But this month I am going to try and go back even if it is just to do carido.

Dont weigh myself for the month again- This month was not a good weigh in! Eeek… I didn’t think I had done too bad this month…i would like to blame the change in medication and not my love of chocolate. So this month I think I need to make sure the diet is balanced, not too many sweets but I am NOT going to stop myself from eating anything… except..

No Crisps – Month FOUR bring it on! I can’t believe I have gone so long without them!

Cut back on my spending – Rather than just buy things as i feel like it I am going to withdraw a certain amount of cash each Monday (maybe like £10-£20) and then only use the money in my purse for the week! It basically means I am probably not going to be buying any notebooks this month… but thats ok because I really need to FILL them!

I am seriously looking forward to a nice productive month! I hope you have a good month too!

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  • Sharon

    Lovely set of goals to have and we’ll done on starting driving lessons again. I particularly like the last one, what a good idea of only drawing out a certain amount of money once a week and sticking to it. Good luck with your goals. 🙂
    Sharon XX

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