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June goals

Wow, where has the months gone… I can’t believe that I am writing my June goals post. The last month has flown by, it hasn’t been the best of months as I have felt pretty low most of the month and I haven’t been sleeping great and that always has a knock on effect.

So lets start by going back over the May goals and see how I got on….

Medication – Last month I set myself the goal of making sure I took my middle of the day tablets every day. I think I achieved this most of the time but not all of the time. However, I do see it as an improvement. So achieved.

4-5 gym visits – I went 3 times. Almost achieved but not quite. I did try, but not hard enough. Fail.

Don’t weight myself for the month – I got on the scales once. Once again I haven’t really lost any weight but I also haven’t gained any so I take that as a win because I haven’t really eaten that well this month.


Cut back on my spending – I knew I was being slightly unrealistic on this one but I have cut back a bit. I need to keep a more detailed spending diary next month

Going to keep it simple with the goals this month;

Gym, blog, smile and stay positive. 

That sounds vague but I just want to spend the month working on all the things that make me happy.

(I will also not eat crisps… lets bring on month five)

Have you got any goals for the next month?





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