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What I learnt by not weighing myself for a month.

One of my goals for march was not to weigh myself for the whole month. I find it very easy to get hung up on what the scales say, 1lb off… 2lbs on… it can be very disheartening. I can find myself dipping into the biscuit tin just to make myself feel better. In a vain attempt to break this vicious cycle, in March I gave up both and it taught me a few things.

  • I can eat a cake and not worry that the scales are going to increase by 5lbs.
  • As the month went by I thought less and less about getting on the scales.
  • The only clothes that felt tight during the month was my work uniform (And thats just normal!). I feel like I lost the “omg my jeans are a bit snug I must eat salad” idea.

I weighed myself on the 1st April and I weighed only 0.2lbs lighter than at the end of february. I don’t think that is any difference at all really but I have spent the whole month enjoying my food and even managed to really enjoy my easter eggs! I had so much chocolate I am surprised I am not half a stone heavier!

My challenge this month is to focus on the exercise I am doing, increase it and also maybe just cut back on the chocolate slightly in an attempt to lose some real weight this month. I will definitely be sticking to the once monthly weigh-ins though!

Bring on the fit body! πŸ™‚




  • Megan

    Well done you’re doing so well! I get so caught up and worried about weighing myself and get so disheartened if I havnt lost anything I need to stop worrying about what the scales say and just focus on my exercise and healthy eating aswell! Some really great advice❀️

    Megan xx | itsmeganrose.blogspot.com

    • onceuponafibrotime

      Yep, I have noticed I care less about what the scales say the longer I have gone not weighing myself! I have started noticing that I am getting stronger at the gym and thats the main thing πŸ™‚ as the strength will help my health as well as my waist line πŸ™‚

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