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Supports, slings and why they don’t always = injury

Most days I wear a support on my right wrist to help me carry on with my days normally. You can almost guarantee that in that day at least one person will ask me “What have you done?” and then look at me strange when in one sentence I try and explain that I have done nothing and due to diagnosed medical condition these support aids allow me to carry on life in less pain.

As my illnesses are “invisible” clearly they don’t exist and I am clearly wearing these support aids for no other reason than wanting attention. I am probably the only one that thinks people are thinking like this but I do feel conscious that because i am not always wearing the supports people believe on some level I am faking my pain…i am not.

I wish the stigma around invisible illnesses could be removed so i could feel confident in managing my conditions. It was the same when my mum started using a walking stick to support herself. She has had arthritis for 10 years until she first used a walking stick and within the first few weeks i lost count of the amount of times people stopped her and asked her the four words!

If you feel the need to ask me “What have you done?” next time you see me in a support/sling be ready to get an answer back like the following;

  • I had a fight with a polar bear
  • I jumped off a 30ft building and sprained my wrist – no biggie
  • I went out on saturday night and slipped off a table whilst dancing.
  • I fell whilst doing a cartwheel..

None of which would ever be possible, I can’t even do a cartwheel for one! However the more and more people who ask me “What have you done” when I do my best to explain I haven’t done anything the more I’ll give silly answers! Spoonie humour I am afraid!

I am 25 years old, I have dodgy joints and an awful sense of humour but I do my best to carry on as well as possible!




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