Acute pain vs Chronic pain

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My recurring wrist pain flared up so badly a few weeks ago I started to wear a sling to give it some sort of rest. If you know me you would know I find it impossible to rest so the sling was just there to force me to think before I decided which actions I can manage and which I can’t.

What I have noticed is that when my pain became “visible” people suddenly acknowledged it was there and actually believed me. But as they noticed that it wasn’t going away over a period of a few weeks (like acute pain would) I felt judged again. The sling is to rest my arm and help my pain. I mean, I am totally annoyed at this wrist problem which isn’t connected to fibro/hyper mobility and i would love it to go away. The more I feel judged the less I rest it and then the longer it will take me to get better. I even got told that people with chronic pain shouldn’t drive because they wouldn’t be safe on the road… go away

I hate how differently chronic and acute pain is treated. It has made me so angry over the last few months when someone with a pulled muscle is treated better than me. I mean I am not looking for sympathy I just want my pain to be treated equally to those with acute pain.

Does the difference in the way people with acute and chronic pain are treated bother you? I wish people could see that chronic pain is real.


2 thoughts on “Acute pain vs Chronic pain

  1. I so agree with you. People think that chronic pain is the same as acute pain. They don’t understand what the difference is. It seems like most people think we just want to complain to get sympathy. I wish I could trade places with the people who feel that way for a day.

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