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3 month coping skills follow up

Last Thursday (the 14th April) I went to the hospital for the three month follow up appointment following the fibromyalgia coping skills course I completed just before last Christmas. I was really looking forward to going back and seeing how everyone was getting on.

The whole point of the follow up meeting was to see how we are all getting on and how we got on with the three month goals that we set ourselves. My goal was to go to the gym twice a week and most weeks (when i could when illness etc didn’t get in the way) I achieved this so I was really pleased that I could go back and say so!

It was only a short meeting in comparison to the days when we were at the hospital for the course (1 and a half hour instead of 4 hours) but I still think we managed to squeeze a lot in. I always find that I learn so much from talking to other people with Fibromyalgia. Living with this condition is going to be a life long lesson of learning what works, what doesn’t and how you really can help yourselves!

I feel that the coping skills course has helped me to put things into place that help me when I am in a flare up. I am slowly learning more and more about how to pace and the more I let myself slow down the better I feel. I highly recommend any sort of coping skills course should you get the opportunity to go to one!


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