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25 things that annoy me about Fibro

Fibro sucks, and when I was tying my shoelaces it hurt… and that is when I thought of a number of different things about this condition that just annoy me so much.

  1. Bending over to tie my shoelaces hurts a lot
  2. A stranger tapping you on the arm can feel as if you’ve been stabbed you are that tender to touch.
  3. Good days are 100% followed by bad days and there is nothing you can do about it.
  4. No amount of sleep could ever solve the fatigue
  5. The pain makes no sense. Your foot can hurt one minute, the tip of your little finger the next..where is the sense in that?.
  6. You can’t see it. Invisible illnesses = extreme ignorance
  7. Having to repeatedly justify your need for painkillers because…no-one can see your pain
  8. Hot flushes – One minute I can be freezing, the next I am sweating and looking extremely unattractive
  9. And then worse to number 8…people then tell me I am too young for hot flushes! Go away!
  10. Memory… I almost forgot to write this one. Having a bad memory is very tiring! You are always worrying you’ve forgotten something!
  11. Restless legs, enough said.
  12. Being sensitive to noises, everything feels ten times louder than it actually is and it feels as if the noise is going through you.
  13. It being so much harder to think – Ok so I realise that makes no sense. I left that exactly as I wrote it on my notes because i think it proves my point. I literally can’t think straight most of the time so forming sentences is like well, hard.
  14. The uncertainty of the condition, I mean I really don’t know how I am going to feel tomorrow so it makes making plans ahead hard.
  15. Being told I am too young to be in pain, I’m not, enough said.
  16. I can’t exercise like i used too and I love the gym. I do what I can though.
  17. Medication increases my appetite and I reach for the biscuits
  18. Being in pain makes me feel down and I reach for the biscuits
    (Ok I can’t strictly blame those two on fibro… but it plays a part)
  19. Managing the condition is as hard as living with it. Pacing yourself is really hard to learn.
  20. Accepting the condition is life long is really hard to get my head round. Before my diagnosis I always hoped one day I would wake up to no pain but diagnosis = never going to happen!
  21. You can easily put pain down to fibro…and it not be fibro. I have de quervain’s tenosynovitis and it has been hard to convince people its not just my fibro. However I have now found a doctor who believes my pain is different and now it can be treated but you have to learn what is fibro and what is not!
  22. The anxiety and depression of the chronic pain can make life very lonely. I am very up and down, but I am learning to manage it.
  23. Having fibro makes getting “normal peoples illnesses” even harder. A normal cold or cough will always feel like full blown flu. No in between.
  24. You always have to be prepared for any symptom because it can come at anytime. In my bag I always have something for pain, a bad case of fatigue, supports for my wrists. I am always prepared, I can’t leave the house without my survival kit. I talked about my survival kit in a previous post. You can read it here
  25. Your whole body feels tight and tense, like you need every muscle stretched but no amount of stretching would change how you feel.

Well, I hate Fibro. But I love the person I am whilst living with it. Starting this blog has changed everything for me, got me in contact with so many amazing people so I would like to thank you if you have read my 25 point ramble! Must appreciated. Remember to follow me on twitter and let me know what you think 🙂




  • Gillian Brewster

    I csn totally relate to pretty much all of this. I sadly had a huge flare up while on holiday it ruined it for me. Fly home and within two days am best I’ve been in ages. It’s so so annoying.
    I’m so glad someone else etd the flushes, sweats etc I thought I was only me.I get horrid cold sweats to from pain relief so can’t win.
    Depression and t making you want to eat… yep me so much. Add in stuff that increases appetite and yep that’s me to.
    My husband is scared to hug me even, causes huge relationship issues.
    Thanks for writing this it’s just so so accurate.

    • onceuponafibrotime

      Haha bless you. Any comment is a great one :)… I appreciate any feedback! I must say this is probably one of my favourite posts because its just all so true and shows how rubbishy fibro is!


  • Relentlesslypurple

    It’s quite interested reading all the things that annoy you as I nodded my head to all of them. I’ve been diagnosed with chronic back pain & scoliosis so the Dr’s put everything down to that but things like sensitivity to noise and touch have been really bugging me as I dont understand how my spine would cause that. Thank you for sharing this, I think I’m going to take it up with pain management tuesday and make them take me seriously xx

    • onceuponafibrotime

      Hope you get them to take you seriously. it took me years (probably about 8) of going back and forth to the drs before i had any luck 🙁

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