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April goals

Of all the months in the year April is usually the worst. I tend to find that some of the worst times have happened in April and that just makes me hate the month. This coming month its going to be totally different! I am going to go into May 1st feeling awesome.

Firstly lets recap March goals and see how well I got on/failed…
8 visits to the gym – I managed 5. I did spend 1 week of this month with my arm in a sling after hurting my wrist so I don’t think I have done too bad all things considering.

Don’t weigh myself in March – Other than getting weighed at the gym at the beginning of the month in my 12 week review and weighed at the doctors last week I achieved this one! Really quite proud of myself for this because I find it so easy to get hung up on what the scales say so to go a whole month without getting on them. I think I am going to do the same for April.

5 blog posts – Another one I didn’t manage. I am not going to make excuses. Having an injured wrist half way through the month means I just lost motivation. I have lots of notes drafted and I am going to really go for it next month!

No crisps – I achieved this one again. I can’t believe I have gone 2 months without a bag of crisps when in the past I have been known to eat a six pack of crisps in a sitting! F12592579_10156817647150613_1627893697106603112_nor this reason I plan on making it 3 months! 🙂

The best thing I did in March was to hold a snake! Never in a million years did I think you would find me holding a snake. I hate anything like snakes… spiders etc but something just made me go – yes step outside your comfort zone. This photo to me symbolises the start of a new part of my life. I am going to be motivated, work hard and step out of my comfort zone at every opportunity possible. I am going to put make looking after my mental health equally as important as my physical health. I am going to get the life I want.

April goals

My goals for April are going to be similar to my march goals, the only difference is this time I pledge to hit every goal!

No Crisps – Go on then! I can make it three months! Three months without a bag of crisps, wow that would be amazing. I love crisps that much that I would live of them if it were deemed healthy and they are always the food I turn too when I am feeling emotional. So to give them up for another month, in awful April would prove to me just how much willpower I really have!

6-8 visits to the gym – I know I can go at least 6 times but I really would like to make it 8 times. As long as I go at least 6 times I will be happy!

5 blog posts – Last week I worked on a load more draft post ideas and I would really like to get these finished and published. I find my head full of ideas but always struggle to get them down on paper. This month I am going to work harder at this.

Get writing my book again – I started writing a book a couple of years ago, I think it was during the summer between my 2nd and final year at university. Then I went back to uni, life, stress and a dissertation got in the way and I just haven’t picked it up since. This actually sort of annoys me because like I said previously my head is full of ideas so at least this month I would like to write up the notes I’ve been making for the next part of the story. Over the summer I would love to get the first draft finished.

Don’t weigh myself for the month again – I am going to get on the scales tomorrow, just to see if I have lost any weight/ gained any weight (more likely thanks to 6 easter eggs!) and then I am not going to get on the scales again till May 1st.

I think that will do for goals, I will do my best. I can’t wait for the new month to get going and hit goal after goal!

Have a good April everyone 🙂


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