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12 week gym review

Today I had my 12-week review at the gym. This was when I had my measurements redone to see how well I had done in the 12 weeks I have been working out. I knew that my weight would be more so I tried not to get hung up on that because I knew what to expect so choose not to know the exact weight (as that would ruin my don’t weigh myself in March, I just know that I am around 3kg heavier although I have no idea what I weighed at week one so really I don’t know how much I weigh right now).

The only two measurements I had taken was the hips and the waist measurement and today when I was re-measured I had managed to lose on both! WIN WIN! Around 10cm has been lost from my waist and 2cm from my hips. I am really pleased with this result because i know at times over the past 3 months I have struggled, both with my diet and the exercise so to me any kind of improvement is a result!

The trainer also changed my programme so has given me some new exercises to keep me interested, work different muscle groups and keep toning up. Most of the exercises that the trainer added are using my body weight rather than using the machines. This means that I can keep moving during my workouts without having to wait for someone sitting on a machine needing a rest! (My top gym frustration!)

I have no more appointments with trainers now but I am going to keep a track of my workouts and update the blog monthly on my progress. This is for two reasons: I like to see how I am doing because it keeps me motivated but also because I have had messages from people asking how I manage to go to the gym so I want to in my next post talk more the specific exercises I am doing and how I feel they are helping me.

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