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This photo makes me smile


Why this photo makes me smile.

Every Monday for nearly two years now I have done a food shop for my Nan (with mums help but when mum cant help I do it alone). My Nan had a stroke in April 2014, she was lucky it wasn’t a major one and she made what i would class a 99% recovery however she lost all of her confidence and has barely left her house since. She is convinced there is something really wrong with her and despite doctor after doctor, test after test reassuring her that nothing is wrong none of us can convince her she is well enough to leave the front door, go to town and do her own shopping. (Although I would never make her carry anything heavy but I would love to see her go to town and pick up her weekly supply of chocolate.). The biggest problem for Nan is her anxiety issues, and knowing what it is like to have problems with anxiety I completely understand, I just wish she could overcome them.

Most weeks we go up to Nan’s house and all she talks about is illness, tablets, doctors, tests and we ended up in a heated discussion. It gets frustrating because we know she could be living such a lovely life if she would step out of the front door.

This week unfortunately mum couldn’t come so it was me and Nan (and my brother for a bit!) and it was so different to usual. Nan was making jokes, having a laugh and was talking to me like grandparents do their grandchildren. It was like for the first time in a while I felt like I had an actual grandparent and she wasn’t just looking at me as the girl who does her shopping (and nags her to leave the house!). I know she gets lonely and I just hope my weekly visits make her week that little bit better!


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