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My brothers 21st

Monday 15th February was my brothers 21st birthday and it was a really good day. It was full of good food (well mostly), and lots of laughs and lush cake!

My brother and I went out for a birthday lunch. We went to our local Wetherspoons pub as brother wanted an all day breakfast and it was the cheapest place. We also ordered a cheesy garlic flatbread as a starter and well… it was disgraceful. I wanted to complain, but brother scoffed half of it before I flatbreadhad a chance. Seriously… What is that?. The cheese wasn’t even really melted but it did taste alright! My brother sent the picture to some of his friends and they found it amusing and comments on my facebook page about the photo really had me chuckling. Its disgraceful.. BUT it is highly amusing also.

In the afternoon we went to my Nan’s house as it was Monday and she needed her weekly supply of chocolate. She loved seeing what she had got my brother. Me and mum took it upon ourselves to choose a present because Nan can’t leave the house (Well chooses not to leave the house) and we wanted to make sure brother got something really nice for his birthday!

12722089_1206817582665115_385274892_nWe went out for a meal in the evening which was way nicer than the lunch time meal. Then afterwards it was time to light his cake. I am lucky enough to have an extremely talent friend who makes amazing cakes and we gave her the task of making a cake involving sausages and noodles and she didn’t disappoint. I knew she wouldn’t, I trust her 100% not just with her cake making abilities! As you can see from the picture the cake looks amazing, it is a chocolate cake and tastes delicious! You can see all the other cakes she has made by either looking at her twitter page Sarahs Cake By Design or her facebook page Sarahs Cake By Design. Just go look and be amazed by her talents! 🙂

All in all I think my brother had a really nice birthday and that is the main thing. I stayed up till gone past midnight too, I really haven’t done that in a long long time – I think I am feeling it today! I can’t wait for my brother to get home from work so I can have another slice of that yummy cake!!

Until next time, keep smiling! Spoonies are the best! 🙂
Becka x


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