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March goals

I can’t believe how quick this month has gone, I really feel like I have blinked and missed February. It is now time to set some goals for March. First I am going to recap February goals and how well (or not so well) I have done with them.

1: 10 visits to the gym

Well, I went 7 times. Which is close to the 10 but not close enough. I did have one week where I wasn’t able to go because work was too busy etc and 7 times is one more than January so I am quite happy with my achievement. I think I would like to increase it one at a time over the next few months, build up my stamina and not try to run before I am even able to walk!

2: No crisps

Big thumbs up here! So technically there is a few days left of February but I am totally confident I will be able to achieve this, and maybe even carry it in to next month!

3: Have a driving lesson

Ok well I failed here, but not without trying. The driving instructor I want said he was busy during February so I am *fingers crossed* really hoping this will be something I can achieve in March!

4: 5 blog posts

Well, this post will be number 4 and whilst I am not sure this should really count I am quite pleased with how the blog has gone this month. I achieved over 1000 followers on twitter this month and I really am proud of how the blog is going. I love receiving positive comments. It helps me so much!

5: 10 no spend days

I shamefully didn’t keep a count here. I can think of at least 6 days where I didn’t spend any money so I may have achieved this one, but I didn’t keep track! Maybe I should make one of the goals for March to keep track of goals!

So that is how I got on in February. I am up and down about how I feel over it. I don’t think I have done too bad but I know that I could have done a lot better.

March goals

8 visits to the gym – Lets try and beat February by 1! I have my 12 week review at the gym on March 3rd so will be able to see how I have done in the 3 months I have been back there. Unfortunately i am not sure the scales are going to like me, but I do feel a lot stronger and better for it.

Don’t weigh myself in March – I get totally hung up on what the scales say, I just need to forget about them. I am going to weigh myself at the end of February, and then other than getting my weight checked at the gym on the 3rd I am not going to get on the scales for the whole of March. Instead I am going to find an item of clothing that doesn’t fit in my wardrobe and use that as my guide throughout March!

5 blog posts –  I think I can achieve that this month. I have lots of drafted posts that I have been working on that I would really like to finish and publish this month.

No crisps – Lets just keep this going! I am going strong, I may as well continue!

Have you got plans for March? I would love to hear them and we can keep each other motivated!:)


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