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February goals

Now the longest month in history (January) is out of the way it is time to focus on moving forward. March will bring my 12-week review at the gym and my 3-month review at the hospital. So I would really like to make February a success so I can go to both of those appointments feeling much better about my health, and myself!

I have set myself some goals for the month in order to make this the best February!

1: 10 visits to the gym

I set the goal to go to the gym twice a week and I know on average this works out to be 2.5 times a week! I have some time off work this month which gives me the opportunity to go to the gym a little bit more. I can easily achieve 10 times I think as long as I stay motivated!

2: No crisps

Crisps are my number one comfort food, and certainly a big reason as to why I am overweight. I can’t just stop at one bag sometimes. Giving them up completely may sound a bit extreme but I have managed it before and know that I am more than capable of doing it again

3: Have a driving lesson

This one is quite a big deal (although it doesn’t sound it). I really want to finally get my driving licence and just getting the confidence to go and start my lessons again this month would be a great achievement for me.

4: 5 blog posts

I really want the quality of my writing to continue to improve. I am really proud of some of my writing and over the next month I would really like to write 5 of the posts on my list of ideas. I am really proud of where my blog has gone in the space of a few months and I just want to continue writing about the topics I am passionate about.

5: 10 no spend days

Making extra money is something I enjoy doing online. I am a keen reader of money saving/making blogs like From Aldi To Harrods, Skint dad and Katykicker and as well as making myself some extra money online through surveys etc I would really like to have 10 days where I don’t spend a penny. I have a tendency to waste money on things I don’t need just want and this month I want to tighten my belt and save some money! With this in mind I think I am more likely to succeed on the no crisps because I am less likely to go buy some spontaneously.

If I can make this month really productive I think that mentally and physically come the 1st March I will be feeling great.

What have you got planned for February?

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