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Six week gym review

Today I had my six-week gym review appointment. The purpose of the appointment was to see how I am getting on and whether or not there are any changes I would like them to make to my programme.

I have really enjoyed the first few weeks being back at the gym, it has challenged me but also I am starting to see slight changes in both my strength and the way my body looks. This is helping me to feel more motivated about going.

In six weeks I have managed to increase the weights I am lifting, by between 5-20kg depending on the exercise. I have dropped 1 minute and 21 seconds on my initial time on the cross trainer. (My programme says I need to do 1000 strides as quickly as possible, the first time I did it in 7 minutes 56 seconds today I managed to complete it in 6 minutes 35 seconds)

I have another appointment at 12 weeks, this is booked in for the 3rd march. Over the course of the next six weeks I would like to make sure that I continue to go to the gym at least twice a week, as well as including once a week on the bike at home. I hope to do this on a Sunday after work because by the time I get home the gym would be closing anyway so I wouldn’t be able to go.

I also want to make sure I keep an eye on what I eat. January has felt like a bit of a test run in terms of eating well, some days I feel like I have done better than others and some days I have just sat and stuffed my face with as much chocolate as possible.

On my 12 week review I have my measurements taken again as well as my weight checked and for motivational type purposes I really would like them both to be less than when I first started, however the most important thing to me about getting back to the gym is just to feel better in myself and feel better in my health.

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