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Getting back to the gym

Re-joining the gym was something I wanted to build up to after my fibro diagnosis and finally last month I managed it. I was referred through the g.p which means the trainers at the gym already knew I had health issues before I arrived, that means I could discuss a programme that would both push me but also not over-do it and make my pain worse.

When I was at university I loved going to the gym, I had pain but I managed it well with exercise, stretches and I actually think living away from home helped on the stressed levels because I had much more peace and quiet. One year I also lived with a group of gym mad guys and that helped keep me motivated that year.

However, when I finished uni the amount of exercise I would do went down to almost nothing for about 8 months, then early last year I managed to take up running, I managed to do it a couple of times a week but then the pain got bad again and I just lost interest. That is why re-joining the gym became important to me.

I have been back at the gym about a month now and I really am loving it. The workout the trainer planned for me only takes about 45 minutes and this is important for me. I feel like I am getting stronger already and I am not getting bored at all, before I know it I have finished my workout and I feel like I have really worked hard.

The workout is quite simple with a mixture of high intensity cardio and weights targeting my arms and legs. All of the exercises also target my core muscles. I can’t wait to feel as strong as I used too and will keep you all update on my progress 🙂


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