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Dear ignorance…

Living with Fibromyalgia means I am not too young for: aches, pains, hot flushes and memory loss. So stop telling me that I am. I do take painkillers more than you would, it doesn’t mean I am addicted to them, it means I live in pain.

If one day I look better than I did the day before, it doesn’t mean I’m cured. It literally means that I am having a day where the pain and fatigue is allowing me a break and I would like to enjoy it as it is on the rare occasion that I am allowed to feel like a human. I really could do without feeling self-conscious because on some level you believe that I have been faking it.

If I say something stupid, roll with it. I probably didn’t mean to sound so stupid. Laugh with me, not at me and we will have a great chuckle.

And last but no means least, if I am quiet, down and happen to look miserable there is a 99.9% chance I’m just in pain or tired and you haven’t annoyed me (unless of course you have in which case more fool you!). I’m not expecting sympathy; I am a pill popping machine that regularly requires recharging. I get out of bed with pain you would call 999 for.

I would just like you to respect Fibromyalgia for what it is – An invisible chronic illness. No amount of telling me I can’t be in pain or as tired as I say I am will change that fact. I have learnt to live with that and if you can’t then I don’t need you in my life because one thing I refuse to live with is your ignorant remarks.

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