A little update

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Sorry I’ve been really quiet the last couple of weeks, a combination of illness (my own and my mums), overtime at work and computer issues I just haven’t had time to finish the blog posts that I really hoped to finish. I have a list of about a dozen ideas that I would like to write but I think I am going to put them hold until after Christmas now. I have loads to do in the next four days and I don’t want to add any more stress to my schedule by trying to get blog posts done, nor do I want to rush the ideas I’ve had because some of them are topics I feel really passionate about.

I just want to wish you all a lovely Christmas and thank everyone for their support in my first few months blogging, you have really helped me start to come to terms with my diagnosis and I very much look forward to smashing 2016s goals and aims both in terms of my blog and in life too!



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