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2016.. I am ready for you.

I can’t believe that a new year is just a couple of days away. Those who know me will know that 2014 wasn’t a good year for me, and I didn’t have any expectations for 2015 however significant things have happened – notably my fibromyalgia diagnosis. If 12 months ago you had told me I would get that in 2015 I would have laughed at you, I was sure I would just carry on feeling rubbish without anyone believing me.

Now 2016 is upon us I am setting myself some goals. Usually I start every year with the same goals, lose weight, save money etc etc and whilst I do want to do them my actual goal for 2016 is

– To get my body at fit and healthy as possible

Ok, So I do want to lose weight but the difference between this coming year and the previous years – I am not going to get hung up on what the scales say. In fact I am going to try my best to avoid the scales other than maybe once a month and the only reason I would go on them once a month is to be able to chart my progress. My reason for joining the gym is to get stronger to help my body, not to lose weight. Everything I do at the gym will be about improving my muscles not seeing a drop in the scales I just know that as long as I work hard and watch what I put into my body (Food, drink) then the weight will go without me worrying.

I am so confident that by focusing on strengthening my body to help my health issues I may actually be able to beat my weight problems for the first time. I want to improve my physical, emotional and mental health and I think that this is the most important goal for 2016. I do have other goals and I may come back with another post about them in the next few days.

Do you have any goals for 2016? I would love to hear them. Remember you can find me on twitter @onceuponafibro

Happy new year to you all and thank you for supporting me in my first few months of blogging.




  • Stephanie Pitcher Fishman

    You can do it, Becka! I love the idea of just focusing on health. It’s making an investment in yourself, and you’re worth it. I’m going to be focusing on the same thing (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is going to be a focus) so if I can support you, let me know! We’ll journey it together. 🙂

    Happy (almost) New Year!

  • Lisa Dixon

    Becka, I don’t know if you have or would consider it, but I had a sensitivity test shortly after my fibro diagnoses. I was astonished at the list I accumulated. Without hesitation I cut it all out, much to the disapproval of my family, who strongly believe I don’t eat enough, believe me, I do. Alongside my fibro, I suffer from terrible digestive issues. It has taken quite some time for years of toxins to escape my body, but I can now, start to see a change. My main sensitivities are gluten, wheat, dairy and red meat, by cutting out my personal sensitivities I have lost a stone in weight, but I am finally starting to feel the benefits. Not as sluggish and bloated. Today my tired was tired, it was the dreaded MONDAY, back to work for me and back to school for my two beautiful children. Thankfully, I only work 1hr30mins weekdays, after the kids had gone to school, I fell asleep on the sofa and after we ate tonight, I had another nap. I used to feel guilty about napping through the day, but I strongly believe that your body puts you to sleep because you need it. You seem to be approaching 2016 with lots of positivity, which can only help. Live the life you love, love the life you live. Gentle hugs and restful night to you xx

    • onceuponafibrotime

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments! 🙂 I agree with that comment about naps and maybe I won’t feel bad about the odd nap now and then :). Have a great day x

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