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Weight loss update -25/11

So a month ago I posted about how I would like to lose weight. A month later and I have lost a grand total of nothing! Eeek, mega fail this month! I don’t mind really as I haven’t felt well, I have had no appetite one day, wanted to eat everything in sight the next day I am actually lucky not to have put any weight on. I also had my birthday this month and I was made the yummiest of birthday cakes!

With Christmas just a month away I am going to set myself some mini goals that will help kick start my weight loss again. I am a crisp and chocolate addict and between now and christmas I need to cut them right back! Today I am going to go into town and buy food to meal plan my lunches for the next four days. That is where I fall down on the planning.

So the goals are:

  • Meal plan! Tomorrow I have the second week of the fibro course and then fri-sun I have work and I need to take a lunch with me. It will stop me buying junk just to give me the energy to get through! So as I am going to shop today I feel I am already going to do well on that!
  • Save chocolatey/crispy treats for the evening. If I do well during the day then with my last cup of tea in the evening I’ll allow myself a biscuit (or two… certainly not three!:))
  • Drink more water. I am good at drinking water the days I am at work but useless the other days so I am going to make sure I have a bottle with me at all times and hopefully I won’t fail at this 🙂
  • Do some sort of exercise a couple a times a week. Whether this be go for a walk around the block or a short cycle on our exercise bike. I am starting an exercise programme soon so hopefully getting active again will give the weight loss the boost it needs.

I am not going to weigh myself over the month. I will only get disheartened, I am going to focus on watching what I put in my mouth, make sure I get the right amount of sleep and just look after myself! Then on christmas day I will allow myself to eat everything in sight hehe!

See you again in a month for a weight loss update! I think I will post it on Christmas eve and if I have kept to my goals then I am going to allow myself one yummy christmas!

Becka 🙂




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