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Coping skills course week 2

So, this post about the coping skills course is a few days late… oops sorry! The stress of going to work, not sleeping much, having numerous other social things to do I have just been too tired! Though this being a spoonie blog I fully expect readers to let me off, I mean we all understand what it is like hey!

Thursdays session started with a session in the hydrotherapy pool! Mum had done this before and told me that I would love it because it is so warm! I am body conscious though and didn’t like the thought of getting my swimming costume on for the first time in years, I wasn’t even sure that it’d fit!  However I soon got over all those thoughts once I realised that no-one there really cared about what I looked like… all we care about is how we feel . The understanding that one spoonie has for another is something so special, every spoonie should have spoonie friends it just makes you feel less lonely!

Back to the hydrotherapy… it was just a simple session of stretches. Stretches to the average person would be no big deal but I seriously felt as though I stretched muscles that I didn’t know existed. After the session in the pool I felt as though I had ran a marathon… one day I’d like to run a marathon so I am a long way from being able to do that if 25 minutes in the pool tires me out!

We then went back to the room we had been in last week and the talks consisted of learning about pacing , the difference between acute and chronic pain and then relaxation techniques. The talk about acute and chronic pain was the most interesting to me! Especially since the next day I realised that people judge chronic pain and understand acute pain… but thats a whole other blog post (which I do plan to write!)

Our “homework” for the week is to fill in an activity chart. I will post a picture of it when it is complete, but so far I have realised from what I have coloured in I am definitely on my feet more than I am resting and maybe I do need to sort this out! The best thing about the day was that one of the ladies on the course said she went home last week and searched for my blog! The fact people actually read this is such a lovely feeling 🙂

I look forward to this weeks session and I will be back on friday with week 3’s update 🙂



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