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Birthday shopping trip

Yesterday (Saturday 31st) I went shopping with my best friend. I had planned it for months and was really excited about it. We chose to go to Southampton, we went there last year too and I loved it so I saved lots of money and wanted to go back and be able to spend whatever I wanted. It was so worth it.

My friend picked me up at 8am, it was the first time we had gone by car anywhere! Usually we went on the train because neither of us had a car (I still don’t!) it was really nice to be able to relax the whole way. I hate public transport because i always feel its too noisy. We got to Southampton about 9:30am so we were nice and early, it was quiet and it was relaxing. The first thing I needed was a coffee! You may have seen I tweeted a picture of a coffee yesterday, well that was a much needed second coffee! Caffeine keeps me going.

In terms of shopping we hit quite a few shops; primark, h+m, next, bhs, paperchase, the body shop and loads more I can’t really think of right now. I purchased things in most of those shops! My favourite things were a pair of jeans from h+m and a denim shirt from bhs. Neither of these things actually fit properly right now, the jeans not at all really but I don’t mind. It just gives me even more motivation to get fit and shift the weight I want to lose! I also picked up a few Christmas presents for my mum, I don’t usually get much of a chance to shop without her because we tend to go together so it was nice to get a lot of her presents sorted!

I had a lovely day yesterday but I am really paying for it today. I have been in so much pain, felt faint, dizzy, sleepy, sick… I hate how fibro punishes you for having  fun normal day. I hope that tomorrow I feel better because I would like to actually enjoy my birthday! I may be turning 25 but fibro has made me feel 125 today!

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