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You are too young to have pain…

The seven words “You are too young to have pain” frustrate me so much. In fact in terms of ignorance surrounding Fibromyalgia that has to be up there as the most annoying. Since when did pain have an age limit? I mean, if I had a broken leg, was in a cast and on crutches would anyone tell me that I am too young to have pain then? No, because they would be able to see the cause of my pain.

I really struggle to understand where the idea “You are too young to have pain” comes from. Okay I know that when were young that stereotypically most of us imagine pain sufferers to be old men or ladies with walking sticks and when I was young I didn’t even know what fibromyalgia was. However I was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatters disease when I was about 12, and that is a painful knee condition usually found in young people. No-one told me then that I was too young to have pain, and I was half the age I am now but some how that was ok and I really think because they understood the pain slightly.

Maybe I am just bitter, here I am in pain and everyone is telling me I shouldn’t be because I am only 24. Even I sort of believe that to an extent, I wish I wasn’t in this pain. My 85 year old nan (who is 95% healthy!!) tells me that I can’t understand how much pain she is in so she doesn’t understand it either. My nan joins the list of people that associate pain with age.

Chronic illnesses don’t care about age, gender or race and I think people really need to begin to understand that.




  • Rachael

    I understand your bitterness! I still think I’m too young for pain and I have m.e.! It’s a social concept that is hard to shift. Continue to raise awareness, it might change a few…keep your chin up and stay positive x

    • onceuponafibrotime

      Thank you! I think its the social concept that annoys me the most. I had a bad flare up in my worst wrist last week and put it in a sling to force me to rest it. It was the first time people had acknowledged my pain… it annoys me so much people need to “see it” to “believe it”.


  • Marie McGee

    Thats so true! I went into work today straight after a fall. Id hurt both my feet, one was cut and bleeding so i had a small bandage on, and the other was bruised n swollen. I was limping a bit and the customers were feeling sorry for me cause they could see I was hurt! Ive worked there for 10 years+ with fibro and complain about pain sometimes (not often) and they usually just say ‘oh stop complaining’. Makes me so bloody mad😖

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