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Weight loss

When I finished university in the summer of 2014 I was kind of shocked to realise that I had gained 2 stone in weight at Uni. I mean in a way I am not really shocked at all when I think back to the amount of chocolate and crisps I made my way through over the four years. I am lucky that it is only 2 stone and not more. I went up and down clothes sizes at uni at my heaviest creeping up to having to buy size 18 jeans. The only saving grace was that I have a keen interest in exercise and one year at university I lived with a group of guys who liked going to gym!. Going to the gym I believed helped me to maintain a weight towards the end of my degree even with the terrible diet.

Since finishing uni I have tried a lot harder to lose weight and currently have managed to lose about a stone. I have also gone from size 16 tops and size 16/18 bottoms to size 12/14 tops and size 14/16 bottoms. To me this is so much better and may also be contributing to the increase in confidence that I have.

Recently however my weight loss seems to have slowed right down again, I haven’t gained any weight but I also haven’t lost any! I am not sure why, I think its a combination of starting on medication and also finding a love of chocolate and crisps again! Some days I have no appetite at all and just find myself grazing on the wrong things to get through the day. I know this isn’t healthy and really I need to change this!

So I thought I would write about my weight loss in order to make myself accountable to someone! I am determined to lose this weight! I have got on the scales this morning and made a note, I will then be back at the end of November in order to tell you how I’ve got on! I would just like to lose 1lb a week. I don’t want to set myself a target that is to hard and then get disappointed.

This weight will go!

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