Having something to look forward to.

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When I had my anxiety problems diagnosed a few months ago my g.p asked me whether or not I had anything in life to look forward too. At that moment in time I was feeling very low and just felt like nothing was good, so today I am going to talk about what I do have to look forward too :).

At the moment the one big thing I am really looking forward too is my birthday at the beginning of November. Well actually, I am specifically looking forward to the weekend before when I am going shopping with my best friend! At the moment she is working quite a way from where I live  so I haven’t seen her much since may and I am just looking forward to A: Catching up with her and B: Spending lots of £s!. I have lost some weight in the last few months and want to treat myself to some new clothes in smaller sizes!

I can certainly see what my G.P meant about having something to look forward too because at the moment on my bad pain days I am managing to keep up beat because I know I have something so good for the end of the month. I also have a nice thing at the end of November to look forward to. It is my great uncles 90th birthday and we are going to his party and it means I get to see mum with lots of people from her family. I haven’t met many of her cousins so it will be nice to meet loads of other family members! My grampy (mum’s dad) meant the absolute world to me so anything to do with his family makes me happy! Ironically though I blame his family for all mine and mums chronic illnesses…. illnesses like arthritis and fibro go back generations and infact many of mums cousins have them too! Certainly a family trait, annoying but if it means I am the granddaughter of such an amazing man I can cope with it! Mum says I am so much like how my granddad was! I am sure if he was still with us today he would probably have all the illnesses too!

Sorry I went off on a slight tangent there! Do you think it is important to have something to look forward to? Remember you can email me on onceuponafibrotime@hotmail.com or tweet me @onceuponafibro 

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