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Hello, I’m Rebecca, I am 24 and I am the person behind onceuponafibrotime. I have Fibromyalgia, Joint hypermobility syndrome and anxiety – despite this life is ok but I am not where I want to be.

I am a building surveying graduate who is desperate to feel well enough to get on with life and find myself a job within the construction industry. I currently work part time in the same job I have had since I was 16 and I still enjoy it but I need to make use of my degree. At the moment the worst Fibro symptoms I am experiencing include memory problems and lack of concentration… this makes me really conscious that in a demanding role I would just not cope and with my anxiety well, I just feel a bit stuck in a rut at the moment.

However that being said there are things in life I really enjoy. I love listening to music, I am a huge steps fan (Steps… 90’s pop group) and I am proud to say I have seem them 7 times in concert as well as meeting them once! I love television, I watch all the soaps as well as being a huge fan of american tv shows such as greys anatomy, scandal and suits.

I started this blog both to vent my frustrations but also positively talk about Fibromyalgia. It sucks as a condition and I think the people who suffer with it deserve help and support, not ignorance and lack of understanding.

If you would like to get in touch please email me on : or you can find me on twitter : @onceuponafibro



  • Jenny

    Hi Rebecca

    I’m a bit worried that this question is too nosey but have you been tested for POTS? I just thought of it because it sometimes goes with fibromyalgia and joint hypermobility syndromes and can mimic anxiety. I was undiagnosed for 17yrs because symptoms overlapped with my other diagnoses. There are ways to reduce symptoms so I don’t want other people to go through that unnecessary wait. If you haven’t been tested it may be worth checking your pulse lying and then standing and if it goes up more than 30bpm asking your doctor. They can do this . Most doctors don’t know about POTS so it is often missed for a long time.


    • onceuponafibrotime

      Thank you for your comment, I haven’t and until you commented I had never heard of it. My anxiety has been so bad recently and is starting to get in the way of me moving forward with my life so if I can help myself in any way i will do! thank you for your comment 🙂


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